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Dear Victoria Drivers:

Okay, seriously, People of Victoria. It is really quite simple. If you MUST annoy the rest of us who are competent and considerate drivers by being on the road in the snow, could you please do me two small favours.

FIRST: clear ALL the snow off of your vehicle, not just the front window. Not only will it help you see, and be a safer driver, it will also stop the snow from blowing off of your car in large chunks and hitting my windshield, temporarily impeding my vision.

SECOND: slow the heck down and get off of my bumper. The chances of you hitting me if I have to brake suddenly is greatly reduced when you increase the distance between vehicles.

If you cannot do these two simple things, then the best thing you can do for the safety of the rest of us is to stay home, or use transit.

Friends who live in the rest of Canada, feel free to mock our 4 inches of snow and the inability of people to drive in it.

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