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Lady In Red

Motivation and inspiration are all around us, we just have to look for it.

I’ve come a long way since joining WeightWatchers 5 years ago.

I’ve given away 60lbs, I’ve found fitness, I’ve made a new life for myself.

One of my favourite things about the fact that I have maintained my weight for over 3 years is the fact that I am now more willing to spend larger amounts of money on single pieces of clothing, because I KNOW they will still be with me in a year, two years, three years.

We all know how it goes when we are struggling with our weight.  We have our fat clothes, our skinny clothes and our shapeless stretchy clothes that we pretty much live in because nothing else really fits.  When we buy clothes, we don’t want to spend too much money on it because it won’t last that long, because in 3 months, we’ll be in a totally different clothing size anyway.  We are frequently buying inexpensive, love quality, disposable clothes.  There’s no point in spending money on something you aren’t going to fit in 6 months, right?

When I first got to goal, I was living in altered clothes that I had bought during my weight loss journey, I guess I didn’t quite believe I would stick with it just yet.

But here we are three and a half years later, and I have to say that I have built myself quite the wardrobe.Dresses, Skirt, tops, blouses, pants, shoes, coats, hats… you name it, I have multiple of them all.

Getting dressed is a pleasure now.  I quite often plan my outfit the night before, of even a few nights before, because I have so many awesome things to choose from. Often, trying to make a decision when I am half asleep in the morning just results in frustration.

Now, as much as I have built myself a great wardrobe, there was one thing I had avoided all this time.


There is something about a red dress. It stands out in a room. It makes a statement. It brings attention to you.


Now, before Christmas, I was leading my Thursday night WeightWatchers group, when one of my members told a great story about his wife that really inspired me.

Mr & Mrs W. joined our group at the beginning of last year, and they really made an impression on me.  They are great members, dedicated, involved and successful!   Mrs W has given away over 60lbs and is still going.  She is one of those members that I just love to tell other people about.

Mr W is so proud of his wife. You can see it on his face when he talks about her success. So when he told this story before Christmas, I was really moved and inspired.

The story goes that in all their years of being overweight, like a lot of us, Mrs W developed a large selection of black clothing. Because we all know that wearing black clothing when we are overweight makes us either skinny, or disappear completely, right?  Well, with the festive season, and all the holiday parties upon us, Mr W suggested to his wife that she not buy another black outfit for all the parties they had to go to.  After all, she had given away 60lbs and it was time to celebrate it, right?

So what did Mrs W do?  Well, she went out and bought a red dress.

Now, Mr W was telling this story after they had been to the parties, and after he had seen his wife in this hot red number, and you could just see the pride on his face. You can see how much these two love each other, and how proud they are of each other’s success. It was really motivational.

This all got me thinking. Why don’t I have a red dress?  Purple, black, green, teal, blue, burgundy… I have over 30 dresses in my closet, but none of them were red. Why? Why didn’t I have a red dress?

I’ve tried on many different red dresses in the store over the years, but always ended up leaving them behind. I would always think “yeah, this looks good, and it fits really well, but it’s just so RED”.

Well, Ladies & Gentlemen.  Thanks to the inspiration of the amazing Mrs W, when I was doing my ‘retail therapy’ last week, I went out and bought myself a red dress.

I really want to thank Mrs W for inspiring me and motivation me to get over this hurdle and do this.

I LOVE my red dress, and so far, it is the most worn out of all my new dresses.

I feel absolutely amazing when I wear it, and I couldn’t have done it without the inspiration of a member in my meeting room.

It just goes to show, that even after 5 years, I am still learning and growing and taking inspiration where I find it.

So tell me, what is your “red dress”?






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One Comment

  1. Anabelle says:

    I have at least 3 red dresses. I love red dresses.

    And you look fabulous in yours 🙂