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On being anonymous after 5 years.

On January 2nd, 2007 I joined WeightWatchers.

Om January 3rd, 2012 I went to a WeightWatchers meeting in another city, where no one knows me, so I could sit down as an anonymous member and get myself refocused.

I’ve been a member for 5 years, I’ve been at goal for over 3 years, I’ve been on staff for 2 years.

All of these are great things, but sometimes I miss being ‘JUST’ a member.

I can go to any WeightWatchers meeting in Victoria that I want. I can attend as many meetings as I can fit in to my schedule, but I can’t be a member.  All the staff in Victoria know me, and while they are great, that means I’m not ‘JUST’ a member when I go in to their meeting room.

So why did I want to be ‘JUST’ a member?

The answer is simple. I lost focus. I was gliding. I was sliding. I was slipping.

To quote a blog a read recently: I wasn’t out of control, but I wasn’t IN control.


With it being the New Year, and my 5 year anniversary on program, I thought this was the perfect time to refocus.

The first thing I did was commit to tracking again!   The first couple days were a struggle.  I tracked everything, but couldn’t seem to stay within my daily points target.  I am very thankful for my weekly points plus allowance and my activity points right now.

The second thing I did was get back in to my activity routine. As I have on New Years Day for the previous 4 years, I got up in the morning and headed out to the Running Room for the annual Resolution Run.  I ran the 5K distance, but there is also an option for a 10K.  I also got out on my bike for half an hour on the 2nd.  Being active again feels good.

The third thing I did was to make the decision to attend a meeting as an anonymous member. I decided that I was going to weigh in as a member. I wasn’t going to tell them I was staff, EVEN if I was above goal and had to pay the weekly fee.  I wanted to maintain my anonymity.


I have to tell you, it was so nice to be in a meeting room where no one knew me.  It was great to participate in a meeting as a member. I also have to say that it was eye opening to experience the nerves of weighing in as a member. To know that if I wasn’t within 2lbs of my goal weight I’d have to fork over $17.91 really made me nervous.  (Thankfully I was JUST within my free buffer zone) I sat through the meeting, listening to the chatter of the regular members, and watching the shy nervousness of the new members. I participated in the meeting, answering questions and sharing my experiences. I even stayed for the PowerStart Session: Power Choices.

I managed to maintain my anonymity right up until the very end.  Right until the point where the leader said “Wow, you’re really informed, you should think about becoming a leader”.  I laughed and confessed that  I am already a leader, and thanked for her for the great meeting and for letting me be ‘JUST’ a member again for an hour.

As a WeightWatchers Service Provider it renewed my appreciation for what members feel every week when they come to their weigh in.  It was also really nice to see a new leader, with her own style, and how she relates to her group. It really made me feel re-energized as a leader and gave me new ideas on how to approach my meetings.

Seeing a new leader, through the eyes of a member has inspired me and given me all kinds of new energy and new ideas that I am going to bring to my meeting room this week.

I feel refreshed and re-energized both as a member and a leader.

I’m looking forward to taking on PointsPlus 2012, and motivating and inspiring my members to have all the successes they can achieve.

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One Comment

  1. Chris Whiteley says:

    Thanks for the inspiration Kirsty! I’ve been away from Weight Watchers for about 8 months and hopefully in the next month will get back on track with going to meetings and tracking again.

    5 years is pretty rad. You’ve done some great work!

    (wow did I just write that? normally I’m super sarcastic and sassy)