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June, 2012:

Seeking Professional Help!

I recently came  to the conclusion that it is time to seek professional help. I just can’t do it on my own any more. I’ve decided to hire a coach to help me meet my running goals. After finally meeting my goal of running a sub-4hr marathon, I realized that with a little hard work, I can do anything I put my mind to.   I just need a little push from time to time.   So, to give me that push, I’ve hired Marilyn Arsenault, also know as @1fastdiva in the twitterverse.  She runs a series of running clinics called […]

My Poor, Expensive Feet.

So, it happened again. It always happens. I ran a marathon, and a few weeks later my feet hurt enough to prevent me from running. It started innocently enough. It started with a little numbness in my right foot in the days after the marathon. Then the numbness cleared up, only to reappear every morning when I woke up.  Odd.  Then the numbness started to turn to pain during runs longer than 5K.  Annoying. Next, out of the blue, I started to wake up with pain on the outside of the heel of my left foot. We’re talking serious pain that would have me […]