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May, 2012:

Post race blues?

I have to tell you that my experience at this year’s BMO Vancouver Marathon was one of the best overall race experiences I have ever day. The people I trained with, both on the pavement, and ‘virtually’, were the best group I have ever trained with.  My own dedication to the goal was stronger than ever, and my support system was solid.  Even through the stress of tax season and the drama of moving, I was committed, I was focused. BMO Vancouver Marathon 2012 was going to be the race where I finally got my marathon time under the 4 […]

But her 10K is the same as your marathon!

OMG! If I hear this one more time, I will snap! I am really getting tired of people who downplay the commitment that a marathon takes by saying “but for some people 10K is as hard as a marathon”. It is not. I speak from experience here. In October of 2007, I started from scratch.  I had been inactive for 18 years, and I decided that in order to continue to lose weight and make healthy lifestyle changes, I was going to start to run. I had been inactive for EIGHTEEN YEARS! One the first night of my clinic we […]

42.2km is a long way!

There is something amazing about training with a team. Even if none of your training runs are done together, being a part of a team gives you a strength you wouldn’t have on your own. When I left the restaurant, after dinner with team #yyjrun, the conversation didn’t end.  I walked to the skytrain with some teammates, and one of them gave me a ride to the place I was staying, so that I didn’t have to take transit late at night.  Then, when I got ‘home’, the #yyjrun love fest continued late in to the night. Texts & tweets […]

I made it to the startline.

For me,  that is the key to any race.  Making it to the start line. This time around, it was a hard journey. It was an intense journey. Back at the end of last year, after the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon, and then the Shawnigan-Kinsol half marathon a few weeks later, I was all run out.  I was done.  I didn’t run at all in December. I had no interest.  2 marathons, plus numerous other races in one year was too much. I was done.  DONE! Then January came around, and my relationship with N hit yet another road block, […]

Some bitch yelled at me once…

If all goes according to plan, 48 hours from now, I will be nearing completion of my 4th marathon. I will be exhausted. I will be sore. I will want to quit. I will see the finish line. I will get my second (or third or fourth or fifth) wind, and I will come in strong. The time on the clock will start with a 3.   I’ve written the movie in my head.  I can see myself in the starting corral. I can see the crowds of people around me. I can feel the excitement and the nervous anticipation.  I can hear […]