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April, 2012:

Day 7 – one of those days the Weekly PointsPlus allowance was made for!

Day 7 just simply goes to prove that even as a Weight Watchers staff member, I am very much a Weight Watchers MEMBER! Day 7 was the day before my first weigh-in in 7 weeks!  Day 7 was the last run with the the group I’ve been doing my speed drills & hill work with. Day 7 was one of those days where that the Weekly PointsPlus Allowance was made for.   I can hear myself saying it right now, I’m standing at the front of the meeting room, giving a PowerStart Session. And I get to that page in the flip […]

Day 6! Another success!

Do you remember when I first confessed to being a “Bad Weight Watcher”? One of the things that triggered this realization was the fact that I was choosing my clothes based on what held things in, or hid things. It even went so far as going home to change in the middle of the day because I didn’t like the way my tummy was sticking out in a particular dress.   That  feeling was very reminiscent of my life pre-Weight Watchers, and it was something I never wanted to feel again! Now I realize that even when we are at goal, we have […]

A cookie craving on Day 5! Seriously?

I’m going to call Day 5 another success, even though I consciously chose to use 9 of my APs for a giant chocolate chip cookie.   The biggest thing I did for myself this week to make it possible to stay on track was to take the time on Sunday and cook my lunches for the week in advance.  Being able to reach in to the freezer and grab a pre-portioned meal in the morning makes life so much easier! Speaking of my pre-portioned meals, I had to be conscious of what I included in them in these last days leading […]

Day 4! A REAL Success!

Okay… so day 4! WOW! Day 4 started off with a 21.1km (13.1m / half marathon distance) training run.  It was the last “long” group run of the training session.  Definitely bitter sweet.  I love seeing how far some members of my pace group have come, but it’s kinda hard to see that others are having struggles.  Next week we have a 10K race, and the week after, it’s race day!  But I’ll write all about race day & training in a separate post!   On to how I did on day 4! For the first time, since I got […]

Eek! Day 3 back on track!

Whew! Day 3 was a challenge. With it being April, and things being CRAZY at the day job, we work Saturdays.  On Saturdays the boss buys lunch, and we don’t really get much choice in where we eat. But I knew this going in to the day, and I was somewhat prepared for it.  Prepared in the fact that I knew there was no way I was sticking to 26pts+ for the day, and I was okay with that.  I knew I had a 2 hour run in the morning, and I would be able to earn Activity Points to […]

So how did day 2 back on track go, you ask?

Well let me tell you! Thanks to the motivation and support of a couple of fellow WeightWatchers leaders who totally understand what I’m going through, I tracked EVERYTHING yesterday. I went over my Daily PointsPlus Target by 2points, but I’m Okay with that, because (for the most part) I ate healthy food. I planned my day pretty well. Breakfast was packed ahead of time, so were my snacks. I knew that I would feel a chocolate craving at some point in the day because of the ‘free for all’ chocolate supply we’ve had in the office lately, so I packed […]

Day 1 Back on track?

Day one back on track didn’t exactly go as well as planned. Thursdays are a tricky day for me, even when I am completely on top of things, because I have to rush straight from my day job, to leading my Weight Watchers meeting in 45 minutes. Usually I try to grab a snack at the grocery store to hold me over until dinner, but last night my energy level was low.  I’ve fallen in to a bad habit over the recent weeks of stopping to buy a sugary treat on Thursdays to give me an instant energy boost. So […]

Bad Weight Watcher, BAD!

Hello, my name is Kirsty & I’ve been a bad Weight Watcher. Between my marathon training appetite, things be crazy at the day job, and adjusting to a new routine since I moved, I have not been making the best food choices. I’ve been attempting to eat “Simply Filling”, because, you know, cupcakes & chocolate are on the Simply Filling plan, right? They are totally power foods! UGH! I’m up 5lbs from my goal weight, and 15lbs from my happy weight. I’m struggling. I can justify this in so many ways. I’m still within my healthy weight range, I’m still […]

Love yours, always & forever.

The world, it works in mysterious ways.   I consider myself lucky that N & I have been able to salvage a friendship out of the shambles of out failed relationship.  I consider myself lucky to still be able to have his parents, and his amazing son in my life.  I think that we have definitely made the best of what could have been a messy situation.   Yesterday, I had to go back to my old place to pick up some mail, and finally get my bike. There were also a few other random things that were found in […]