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November, 2011:

Van Island Runners for Cancer.

“Van Island Runners for Cancer” is a 2012 calendar featuring local runners at various locations around Vancouver Island. The goal is to feature real runners of all abilities, from those relatively new to the sport to elite athletes, to show that running is an all-inclusive sport. It doesn’t matter how much you run or how “athletic” you look; if you put on your shoes and head out the door, you’re a runner. All proceeds from the calendar sales goes directly to the BC Cancer Foundation, the organization that funds the BC Cancer Agency. Money raised by the foundation stays in […]

I’m a cover girl!

Earlier this year my friend Skye started working on putting together a calendar to raise money for the BC Cancer Agency through the BC Cancer Foundation. Before you knew it, not only had I signed on to be a model, I was also helping out with the  organization of the  photoshoots and the planning & layout of the calendar. It has been a long process, but finally, today, I have in my hand the actual physical calendar!     We are having an everyone (19+) welcome launch party on Tuesday, November 29 at 6pm. It is being held at the […]

Lessons Learned.

Sometimes I think to myself “I’ve been doing this Weight Watchers thing for almost 5 years now, I’ve got this in the bag, it’s no sweat”. Then I wake up. Mistake Number 1: Giving myself permission to not track for the week surrounding my birthday. Mistake Number 2: Giving myself permission to enjoy as many treats as I wanted for the week surrounding my birthday. Mistake Number 3: Not getting back on the wagon right away as soon as the celebrations were over.   Now, I realize that this whole WeightWatchers thing is a lifestyle, not a diet. Trust me, […]

A day within my control!

Yesterday was one of the few days this week that was totally within my control. Back to work, back  to routine. As you probably guessed, the morning started out with the routine of Tea, Oatmeal & my home made mocha.  That routine takes up 11 points of my day. I worked right through the morning and didn’t even notice banana o’clock come & go.  Before I knew it, it was lunch time. This is a frozen pasta left over. I had onion, broccoli, chicken thigh & whole wheat pasta. It is about 4pts+ before the cheese.  I sliced up a […]

A short hiatus!

I know I told you all on Thursday that I would continue to post updates every couple days, but I’ve since decided to take a one week hiatus from blogginh my food. I had the best intentions of keeping up with the blogging during this week, but it got to be too much really fast. On Friday, I got up and got everything ready to take with me on my round trip ferry ride to pick up N’s son at the Tsawwassen. I actually did quite well with that. I stopped at Serious Coffee on my way to the ferry, […]

Sometimes life gets busy…

I know I have been really bad at posting the blog updates lately. I’ve been so busy at work, and busy at home. It’s only 2 more sleeps until N gets home, and even though 3 weeks away isn’t a long time, for some reason it feels like an eternity this time. I’ve spent the last couple evenings cleaning up the house and doing laundry. Mostly doing laundry.  Between changing the sheets on the bed in the master bedroom and washing all the sheets from the multiple guests I’ve had at the house, I swear, it feels like I’ve been […]

Sometimes it’s hard to blog on the weekend!

I was a bad blogger again! Monday morning & here I am posting Friday, Saturday & Sunday! It’s going to be a big one, and a somewhat random one. I swear I just had 3 of the most random days of eating I have had in a while!   Friday!   I went in to Friday knowing I had a lunch date with my friend Kirsten, and I also knew that I wanted a ‘naughty’ meal.  I was craving my favourite ‘burger’ from Cactus Club. It’s a chicken burger with cheese, bacon & BBQ sauce. Somewhere in there they throw […]

Sometimes you need a break…

I didn’t intend for yesterday to be a break, it just happened.   I had all the pictures uploaded, ready to start writing when the day got crazy busy. I also ended up being so busy that I forgot to take pictures of yesterday’s food, so this post includes Wednesdays food. What I can tell you about Thursday is that I stayed within my daily points target and it was more or less a duplicate of last Thursday. One of the things that distracted me yesterday was the arrival of a gift from N.  My awesome boyfriend is away right […]

And then there are more good days!

By now, you know how this goes.  I start the day with a cup of tea on my drive to work, then it’s my 7pts+ oatmeal Concoction & a 4ptes+ mocha once I get to the office.  Boring , Predictable and Delicious!           Banana o’clock happened.               Lunch was a 5pts+ repeat from yesterday. I know it gets boring for you guys when I eat the same thing everyday, but cooking multiple servings of an on plan meal & putting it in the freezer really makes it easier for me […]

There are good days, and there are bad days.

Monday wasn’t the best day. I overslept, left late for work and had a morning that was pretty much just a comedy of errors.  However, I did manage to pretty much stay on track.   By now, I am sure you know how the day starts.  A cup of tea in the ‘cupcakes’ mug, a 4pts+ Mocha in the purple mug, and my 7pts+ oatmeal concoction in the black mug. What can I say? I am pretty much a huge creature of habit. But why mess with what works!  This breakfast routine came in to being after over a year […]