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October, 2011:

3rd time is the charm?

Oh Shawnigan-Kinsol Half Marathon, we have such a love-hate relationship. Actually, no, we don’t, it’s a hate-hate relationship.  I am not a fan. You at the only race I have ever dropped out of. You are the only race I have ever cried unhappy tears at. You are the only race that has made me this angry. You certainly aren’t the hardest race I’ve ever run. The Fort Rodd Hill Historic Half Marathon wins that title, hands down.  You aren’t the slowest race I’ve ever run. That title also goes to Fort Rodd Hill. You are, however, the most frustrating […]

Bad Blogger! BAD!

It’s a 3 for one special! A three for one special! You get 3 blog entries for the price of one! First, let me apologize for my absence. It was a crazy weekend. I came home exhausted on Friday night, without the mental or physical energy to write the blog, and somehow had to muster up the energy to cook & clean the house for company on Saturday.  I accomplished one of those tasks! So, since it’s Sunday night, and I anticipate a busy day tomorrow, I’m going to give you a three for one special! Friday! Let’s start with […]

Thursdays are the hardest days!

Thursdays are the hardest days to stay on track.  My schedule is all over the place.   Thursday is my weigh in day, and I also work an evening WeightWatchers meeting. That means, after my Wednesday evening run, I go home and do my prep for the meeting the next night, then go to bed, usually lat, then I get up in the morning, race out the door and realize half way to work that I forgot to pack breakfast.  It is days like this that are the reason why there are always WeightWatchers smoothies in my drawer, and bananas […]

This time, with points.

I was asked if I could add the PointsPlus values to my posts, so here we go.   Breakfast, the usual. My Oatmeal ‘concoction’ is made up of one scoop of Genisoy Protien Powder (3pts+), Flavoured Oatmeal (3pts+), 1tbs bran (1pt+) and1tsp of ground flax. Breakfast costs me a total of 7pts. My morning coffee contains 1/2 cup of chocolate milk (2pts+), 2tbs Fat Free Vanilla Creamer(2pts+), and plain old black coffee (0pts+). My morning vitamins include Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium & Magnesium, Glucosamine & Chondroitin, B100 Complex, Evening Primrose Oil & Fish Oil (Omega 3).  All the supplements […]

Some days are harder than others.

And yesterday was a hard one. I think I must have had a bad night sleep or something, because I certainly woke up on the wrong side of the bed! With N on the other side of the country, I seem to be having a hard time adjusting to sleeping alone, but such is the life of a ‘navy wife’.   I’m actually really pleased that I had such a successful, on plan day, yesterday, even with the desire to gorge on chocolate and stab people with my pencil.  I think my evening 9.4K run helped with eventual stress reduction. […]

Here we go again…

I’m a woman on a mission baby! And that mission is to lose 10lbs. So, to keep me on track, here is what I ate yesterday.   It started out with the usual cup of tea / oatmeal / coffee routine & I had my morning vitamins then too. That rarely changes in my day, except sometimes on the weekend.       I gathered all my snacks together the night before andgot them ready for the day.  2 bananas, 2 Babybel Light strawberries & some mandarine orange segments (packed in fruit juice that I drain off before eating).  And […]

In a show of solidarity…

Or just as a means to keep myself on track, I have decided to join my good friend Jenn in the quest to blog everything we eat this week. If the truth were to be told, I would tell you that I have yet to return to my pre-marathon weight, from before the marathon I ran at the beginning of MAY!   For a good three weeks after that race, I was constantly hungry. And I mean actually hungry. Physically hungry. Stomach growling hungry.  And, no matter what I ate, or how much, I was hungry again 10 minutes later. So, […]

You get out of it, what you put in to it.

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.” – Oprah Winfrey   I would be lying if I said I was completely happy with my results from my 3rd marathon this past Sunday. I had gone in to training with a goal in mind, and I didn’t achieve that goal. That disappoints me.   I know where I went wrong, I know where I could have done better. I lost focus mid training. I let myself get distracted by summer fun & adventures with my wonderful man & his son. […]

Miffed by multiplying marathon madness.

There was a letter to the Editor in the Victoria Times Colonist.   The writer is complaining that there are too many marathons, and that they inconvenience residents too much because they close road and block access to churches.   There are a few things about this article that bother me.   First of all, not all Road Races are marathons.  A MARATHON is 42.2km, or 26.2 miles. The TC 10K is not a marathon. The Oak Bay Half Marathon is not a marathon. The ONLY marathon in Victoria is the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon, which also has a half […]