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July, 2011:

What’s in a number?

The other day, I was walking through Sears and I saw a dress I liked hanging on a rack. I was in a rush, and I didn’t have time to try anything on, so I held it up against myself and tugged at it to see if it would basically fit. It probably would.  I asked about their return policy, just in case, and went ahead and bought it. It was a size 4. I picked up a size 4 off of the rack and bought it without trying it on. Turns out it fit perfectly. A SIZE 4 FIT […]

A week of what I eat – Day 7

Day 7! Wow! I am totally impressed with myself that I made it this far! Today is going to be a tricky one, since it is weigh in day, and I lead a Weight Watchers meeting after work tonight.  On Thursday, everything I eat is done so “on the run”. By now, you know how the day starts. With a cup of tea at home and one on the drive in.  Yup, a pretty standard morning in that respect.       Old habits die hard, and even though I work for Weight Watchers, I am still very much a […]

A week of what I eat – Day 6

I find it hard to believe that I actually stuck to my plan to blog everything I eat this week!  Only one more day to go! This post is going up on Thursday, because Wednesday was a ridiculously hectic day & I ran out of time to write and post this. So, here I sit on Thursday morning, whipping it up at the office before the work day starts! Being that it is Thursday, that means today is weigh in day, so I get to see how all this work paid off this week! Now, let’s get to Wednesday’s food! […]

A week of what I eat – Day 5

I’m pretty sure by now you all know that my day starts with a cup of tea while I’m getting ready for work, then a cup of tea for the drive to work.  Again, it’s the same morning oatmeal as day one, for 7pts+.             Then it was the cup off coffee that sparked the “Who makes the coffee in your office?” conversation on twitter. My morning “Mocha” for 4pts+.             Banana o’clock arrived right on schedule this morning. I forgot to take my vitamins with breakfast, so there they […]

A week of what I eat – Day 4

Today started like every day. With a cup of tea while I get ready for work. Only, I forget to take a picture of my morning cup of tea in my special N’s house cup! !   Before I left the house, I made another cup of tea for the road, in my I <3 cup cakes cup. Then at the office, it was the usual 7pts+ breakfast and a 4pts+ work mocha!       Banana o’clock was preceded by a trip to the 7-Eleven across the street to get bananas, because I forgot them at home this morning.  […]

A week of what I eat – day 3

Breakfast on a Sunday consists of the daily oatmeal & a cup of tea. Are you starting to notice a trend here? 7pts. +             The drive down from Shawnigan to Victoria today, to be there by 8:30am for my 19K run, made it an extra tea needed morning, and since I had forgotten both my travel mugs at home, it was a trip to Timmy’s for a steeped tea.  A love 0pts+, if only it was $0!           On average, I earn 1 activity point for every kilometer I run.  […]

A week of what I eat – Day 2

As I said yesterday, I’m a creature of habit and every day starts the same way.  The difference is, on Saturday I can’t eat at my desk at the office, so I have to eat breakfast before I leave for Weight Watchers work. The oatmeal is the same as yesterday, for a total of 7pts, and the cup of tea is 0.   One thing that differs about Saturday, from every other day of the week, meaning I make my weekly stop at Serious Coffee, for my weekly coffee treat, a 6pts+ Mocha.  Yummy!           This […]

A week of what I eat – Day 1

Everyday starts with a cup of tea.  This being day one of my quest to write a blog post, I actually forgot to take a photograph of my first cup of tea this morning in my special mug at N’s house.  I am sure you will see my mug soon enough though! This would be the drive to work cup of tea.(0pts+ each)         Ah, breakfast. It’s the same thing every day. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit! Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal (3pts+), 1tbs Genisoy brand protien powder (3pts+), 2tbs Wheat Bran (1pts+), […]

Best BoyBand FanGirl Weekend EVER!

Hi, my name is Kirsty & I’m an NKOTB fan. Through my teenage years, my bedroom was absolutely covered with posters. Even on the ceiling, in the closet and on all the doors.   The room that was my bedroom when I was a teenager is now my home office, and even to this day, you can see the holes in the walls & ceiling from the staples I used to put up my posters. When NKOTB reunited a few years back and announced a new album & a tour, I was like a kid in a candy store. Listening to […]

When is speaking up worth it?

On Saturday, I’m going to Vancouver with @jonesee90, to see NKOTBSB. The wonderful man in my life bought me the ticket months ago, and I can’t believe that the week has finally arrived!  I am bouncing around in all kinds of excitement. I have been an NKOTB fan since I was about 12 years old. It was some time in Grade 8 when it all started. Since they have been back together and touring again, I have been having a blast reliving my teenage years, dancing and singing along to the “5 Bad Brother from the Beantown land”.  Even if […]