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November, 2010:

On Running, Birthdays & Cupcakes!

I took up running on October 15th, 2007. Yes, I remember the exact date.  I remember because it was SUCH a big deal.  You see, I am a lazy person by nature. I would absolutely rather be sitting on the couch eating cupcakes, than out going for a run in the dark & cold & rain.  But on October 15, 2007 I laced up a brand new pair of running shoes and ventured out to my local Running Room store. I had made the decision to get active, and to do it at the Running Room for a variety of […]

The Race Course that (almost) Broke me.

When you set a goal that is to simply ‘finish’ a half marathon, that seems perfectly reasonable & within your grasp. It should be pretty simple really, especially when it is your 6th half marathon in 6 months. But when that half marathon is the ONLY race out of over 25 races you’ve started, that you did not finish, that weighs on the back of your mind. You tell yourself “the only reason I didn’t finish last year was because I was injured” but you don’t listen. All you know is that last year, at the 8k mark, you had […]