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June, 2010:

The Miracle is not that I finished. The Miracle is that I had the courage to start.

When I decided to write this guest post for Mary’s blog , I thought it would be easy… but I guess I didn’t remember how long this story really was! I should probably start by introducing myself. My name is Kirsty, and I’m a food-a-holic! This is what I used to look like: For as long as I can remember, I’ve been inactive and over weight. It wasn’t so bad when I was a teenager, but in my early 20’s, the pounds just started to come on. I can look back now and blame it on so many things; lack […]

I do it for the bling…

I said I wasn’t going race as much this year. The marathon took a lot out of me last year. It took a lot of time, focus and energy. I didn’t want to do that this year. I wanted to enjoy my summer, so I decided to focus on the Half Marathon at the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon 10-10-10.¬† It will still take a lot of time, focus and energy, but Sunday runs will be about 2 hours at the longest, not the 4 hours I became familiar with last year! My plan for this year was to first build […]

Faulty Manufacturing…

Sometimes I feel like my body is the result of a faulty manufacturing process. I have always managed to damage various parts of my body much more easily than anyone else I know. And for as long as I can remember, the parts I damage never really seem to heal properly. The good news is, now I have a great health care team, and any new injuries or pains that come up are treating promptly, and I seem to recover relatively quickly. The thing is, that doesn’t help the recurring, old injuries that seem to have been around forever. 13 […]

Life After Cupcakes!

Well, it was just over a week ago that I announced that I am giving up cupcakes and today was the first day someone actually questioned me on that pledge! Aisha says: *cupcake count this week? Kirsty says: *ZERO CAKE! That’s right, I said ZERO CAKE! Not only did I avoid cupcakes, but I avoided all cake. And it’s not like there wasn’t temptation. There was a stop at Starbucks on my road trip… and those cupcakes they are carrying lately are amazing!! There was also lunch at this little cafe in Tofino¬† where the desert case was right inside […]